My World of Video Games



I’m 26 years old. I have a lot of life experience growing up, Great times, hardships, rough times, the happiest times that last forever, those times where everything just seems to fall apart, those learning times. There has forever always been one constant that has helped me get through each time. I’m sure by now after reading all this you have caught on to what I am referring to. Video games, Video gaming has been apart of my life as long as I can remember. A lifetime of video games across a whole bunch of different worlds and realities, It truly is a realm of endlessness. Playing a game I imagine myself I am right there, whether I be playing The Legend of Zelda imagining myself facing the great king of evil, To being a hockey player in an NHL game, It truly is an endless world of different possibilities and scenarios in a video gaming world.

I started out playing on the old NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Super Mario 1 & 3, Truly 2 of the best games I have ever played. My ultimate favorite is the Nintendo 64 playing Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Castlevania. The best times of my life where I’m sitting and I dream of myself in that world and nothing else in reality matters to that point.

I invite you to follow along in my journey as I share new and old video gaming experiences. I also invite you to share your experiences with me I really would love to hear what other fellow gamers experiences are like with video gaming. Thank you for reading the first entry of my blog. Hope to have you around for more of the fun!



Mentally Draining Years: Integrating online friends into personal life…What I did to crawl out of the hole.

This is an instance in my life where I’ve had this happen. The way I deal with things I learn how it gets easier by learning from my past experiences. Sometimes I bring down my wall and will let people in. Then there are times where I wish I had’t let that wall down, it is mentally draining. It’s been a real long road to recovery with lots of learning and surprises on the way. This all started back when I was letting in “friends” from my private YouTube. It’s all over now and I hold no ill-will towards the old group. A friendship built and broken down quickly. I chose to delete them all from my life, I have a family and having those now strangers injected in some way of my personal life wasn’t acceptable anymore. I’m talking and sharing this experience, because I am ready to share it, also it may help someone else who is stuck in a situation like this. It’s not easy for me to open up as much even with my closest of closest friends who i’m very tight with. It’s who I am. Although at one point when meeting a friend I had the door wide open, he asks sometimes why now I’m all closed up. The reason is because of all these mentally draining aspects that hampered me and wrecked things it’s caused me to keep that door closed again to all.

I’ve been on YouTube for so long, I gained a regular following and we became close. It started getting more serious adding friends on social media sites most notably Facebook. Then from there we chatted and gained a closer bond. It was forming a close friendship and it had me hooked. Most of the same interests and things. I used to usually be the one also Mr nice me, sending gifts and promoting YouTube channels. What I got back? nothing more than a thank you, maybe some promises of “oh I will send you something back” not that I cared but time over and over never happened. It wouldn’t be until later I figured out why but no matter. See drama was apart of YouTube mostly with those making gaming trades or spreading false gossip around. I steered clear of those. To be fair and I will explain later, sadly I did get wrapped up and was involved in some drama. Totally wasn’t worth it at all.

I’ll skip ahead a bit since everything was relatively slow same old same old nothing really new. This is where it picks up. Facebook most I’m sure know you can create a group and add people. I mean why not great idea making friends and whatnot what could go wrong!?… Little did I know this was the beginning of the end, adding people you are adding a lot of personalities, sometimes you add way beyond immature kids who think they are funny. They are kept around in the group because they have a higher YouTube subscriber count and said individuals running group wanted no action involved because they didn’t want “hurt feelings” let me tell you this, when your in control of a group, sure you don’t want to run it like your controlling and dictating everything. Though when inappropriate actions and trolling happens, you take action like a grown up and do whats best. If you don’t you look like an incompetent fool.  Now imagine these situations but multiply them and make it almost an everyday occurrence. When I was growing up, no matter what yes I acted a bit immature at times, though it wasn’t to a degree of a social stupidness with threats and racial actions. I matured very fast for my age also.

So a lot of this for a long time. See something I didn’t know, this was where I was starting to get mentally drained. I was involved and very much apart of this group. I was making “friends” I got close with some people. Although I did learn that it was all just a huge one way friendship but that adds to the mentally draining of yourself. Things got real bad in this group when a bunch of horrible trolls claiming to be good and your friends came into the group. They purposely caused drama and trouble. It went and got as far so bad that these people took my private photos and started making meme’s of them. Totally disturbing, then the friends and the group admin you’d think who was a close friend to you would have your back and do something? All they were worried about was the status of their Facebook group and whether or not the group who stole my pics would be hurt by him if he took action. I had a few who helped me with the situation. What happened after? nobody batted an eye, like it never happened. They all went back to that disturbing troll group, why’s that? they were worried they had upset or offended him, they were worried that they wouldn’t get the attention to help grow their popularity or subscribers count on YouTube. I owe my one friend a huge apology. Mr. Earl “Chilliwack” Jones Skinner. (that isn’t his real name he knows it though) I figured out later on why I did nothing or may have circled back to them, I was mentally beat up and destroyed. I am sorry friend.

You know this sent me into a huge deep dark stage of not understanding who I was anymore. Things I used to love and the interaction from being on YouTube slowly died. Everything I built up for that was all for not. Not sure how I didn’t see all this blows my mind now as I’m typing all this up. Me and my friend eventually started a new group up. I’ll tell you though at least me and him had good authority and control of the group. It’s some of the people in the group that were huge questions. I would say a lot of them were stuck in this loop of life where social media was some power struggle game that they wanted at the top of this mountain. The old group and the friends I had made there were becoming distant. Though after time had healed, a scar was there. A lot was never the same and very broken. A few of those “friends” from the circle had their own other issues. One was this kid who was contempt with dropping out of high school at 9th grade, thought he was going to stumble and work his way into some full time job. The kid actually did get some job but only lasted 5 minutes. I tried to give the kid some advice as someone else in that position gave it to me way back when. It’s how I kept going. Apparently the kid didn’t like that so I bugged off. Maybe one day he’ll realize you shouldn’t be turning your back on some whole stuff like that. One of the other kids pulled a disgusting act. A fake suicide. There are honestly no words to this. I even did a trade with him. Well I sent my stuff, him? never sent it back. I got robbed hence also why I don’t do trades. I’ll be honest it’s all in the past now, I’ve deleted them and moved on. It took a little bit because I took these folks as close friends. Happily I’ve finally been able to move on.

That’s one of the main things also I should discuss. How I helped myself. There’s still a bit to add but some of the things I did was let go. Real tough sometimes cause it was something I was so used to. Then I had to go and delete those that were deep in the toxic circles and those that were posed as “fake” friends. You think “hey will they even ask or think about me? what about all that help I gave them with friends and YouTube?” It’s all for not, it was complete waste of time and effort. Later on myself I seeked to clear my mind. Walked out. Now what I mean by that is drop social media and went hidden for a while. Though I didn’t go “dark” like this one “friend” mentioned, honestly that person was only using me to get more subscribers on YouTube also. I found out also that this person was a liar also. It was him who was “dark” Anyways, there were a couple people whom I’d only talk to. That helped keep me afloat while I went to figure things out. I removed myself from the situations and places, in return I was slowly healing mentally.

So how did it all end? Well the group me and my friend made was now just a total toxic pool. Nothing we’d done and nothing really we could do to repair it. Not only were (not all members, a few of them were really great folks) the people so caught up in their own ego and some god-like power, they had forgot how me and my friend helped them with their YouTube channels and popularity in general. Well for some odd reason the group up and went itself. Pretty much doing us and Facebook a favor. What came next was the most disgusting thing. I was contacted by a few people. I mean wow cool right since I had been missing in action? Nope all they were concerned about was themselves and threatening me and my friend. Just a bunch of low sorry folks. Totally unreal. You know how fast they got over it? Apparently they had a secret group already up and running, were me and my friend ever included? Mind you we were responsible for 95% of those connections and all. Nobody batted an eye about us. Just shows you how little we were thought of and all the work we had done. May as well just been invisible for the whole time. It just all add’s up mentally draining you. It’s a lot it’s tough. Little did I know too that was a major start of the healing process.

This was 4 years of pain and torture. 4 years of a whole bunch of wasted time with what was just a huge fake toxic pool. It taught me so much, I regret the fact that it took so long. Still even over the time I’m still sweeping away the remains, just now seems like some huge nightmare. It’s taken me almost over a year to figure out who I am again, just to heal my mental self. I’ve taken the big steps. How about my friend? A partner who was invested with me in this? They took a hell of a great genuine guy and just took him for granted. You don’t just meet quality people like that. You keep them around. I’m humbled to still have him around, hope we can watch some Adam-12 again soon.

My message to those that read this and we were at one point friends “friends” or close in a circle. I always echoed remember what you have before it’s gone. I was there and I was loyal, I cared a lot. I was apart of those moments and when needed of help I was called upon and answered. I’m done now, because it’s you you’ll only care about yourself, how others see you, your popularity or whatnot. Whoever you were or are you became a fake friend. You became the disgrace of what a gaming community was, you became a disgrace to what was once a loyal friendship. All for what? YouTube? group? popularity? for what? I hold no ill-will I am good, and I’ll be way more better than I ever was. I’ll go on and educate and share those horrid times so that those won’t fall into the same trap of years wasted such as I did. I let you in, I opened that door for all you who came in and destroyed my place. I’m happy I’ve kicked you all out and slammed shut the door. I never imagined how badly I have hurt myself or was so destroyed mentally, I walked to that far edge, I thought about it. I had the support to stay strong and I pulled through. I never thought in my life I would be back to a point where I felt no meaning of life anymore, all because of this torture I was put through for years and friendships that mentally killed me. I survived, I will go on. Those around me never knew how bad this had gotten to. Health issues plaguing me and a mental strain of death surrounding me. Rebuilding myself has been the best thing I’ve done. You will sit there and play victim your troop of loyal followers will sit there and you’ll all agree while your bashing over me. That’s all you guys do, sit and message it up in your little own world. Well now my world is set and free!

I speak to you, you who have come to read this wondering what you can take from this if you get stuck in this hole. Just climb out, when you can’t climb out build your way out. There is always a way out. Shut it down. You don’t owe anyone an explanation on anything. Find yourself, remember who you were before it ate you away and destroyed you mentally. It’s hard but find other things that will help you, walking, gaming, reading, tv, movies, just anything that will help you get out of that toxic pool. Feel free to even send me a message if you need more help, I am always happy to help.

My last writing’s of this post I dedicate to my friend I call Earl. To be honest I call him many names inside my ever changing landscape of my ideas and mind. I am so very sorry you got so wrapped up in this, it even really affected me and I came off as such a different person. I was not that friend who was by your side. I am humbled and thankful you have stuck with me after it all. It truly means a lot and you understanding my healing of my mental self from all those toxic experiences. Those group of people I mention, will just be a memory that drove in and destroyed years of us all mentally and filled us with toxicity so bad that we were stuck and never knew. They wrecked me so badly that when I left and our separation, it was all for healing purposes. I am ever so glad we were able to reconnect and meeting up outside of that toxic hole. It feels like the end of the first Jaws movie where they blow up the shark with nothing left of the boat, Roy finds his partner just floating around and they swim back to shore. How about Jurassic Park when the Dr thought his friend sacrificed himself so they could get out of a situation, they met up at the end on the helicopter. We connected again in a happier and much more better environment. I will be there for you if you got sucked back in or they poke through trying to destroy our kingdom once again. We will survive. I wrote this here so others can see and maybe understand just how truly bad this whole experience was. To those others reading thinking I shouldn’t air my dirty laundry or anything like that. Until you have been in one of these environments you don’t truly know how damaging it is, when your left alone and left in your mind for dead its truly a horrible and sinking feeling.

I thank you for reading today’s post, please again feel free to share any thoughts or feelings. Out of respect for everyone no names or information will be shared. There is no grudge or ill-will. Though I wasn’t going to keep silent with this, I can use my voice or my writing to connect and share my feelings and experiences with something like this. I am humbled and thankful for your continued support and following along. Back to our regular content now! Special thanks also to my friend Kate who encouraged me also to speak out and help myself, also for being there for me also. Thanks sis!

~Gamer Jeff


American Truck Simulator | Jeff’s Gaming Review #1

Welcome to my series that has been a long time coming, reviewing games is something I’ve been wanting to do on this site. Getting right into it. American Truck Simulator is available through steam on PC.


American Truck Simulator is by SCS software. The game is a parallel sequel to Euro Truck Simulator, same idea behind it. The game is a real simulator in the life of a trucking worker. You earn money and experience points for various jobs you do. The game was first announced in late 2013, released in early 2016. It has since been working on DLC and constantly adding new things to the game.


It’s what you expect out of a simulation game. It runs real well with in regards to real life. Obviously the map is scaled so you can complete a lot of your game in one sitting. It is very easy to pickup and play right away. You can use a controller, mouse, keyboard, and steering wheel. You will have to calibrate it and adjust it to your liking. You can tune into the radio, check your messages and emails, get jobs to do. Depending on what you want or how you would like to play the game you progress by completing jobs. You level up and can add skill points and depending what you add it can provide different job options within the game. You can buy your own trucks and start your own company. This would either require a bank loan or saving up money to buy it outright. Then you can hire drivers for your company. There are various trucks and loads to haul giving it some great variety.  You can gas up your truck, sleep when your tired, sometimes you will need to go to a scale to get weighed. If you disobey the driving laws you will be fined. Crashes and other incidents also have consequences in game. (You could turn these features off)


Depending on how much your PC can handle the graphics are good. The scenery is quite accurate. I have mine to about a high to ultra. The weather with the sun and rain along with night are pretty good too. The attention to detail is incredible down to the license plates of the cars. Granted some of the cars look a bit aged but honestly doesn’t make much of a difference. Crash physics in the game are at a minimum but that’s due to licensing. When your driving along the coast or in the city it will definitely feel like you are doing so as in real life.  The game sounds are quite on point also. Radio works and sounds fine. Engine and sounds in nature as good as can be. Getting back to graphics, the little details inside and outside the truck are phenomenal. When you are signaling to switch lanes or turn you see the appropriate movement of the graphics when the stick has been signaled.


It’s what you take of it I’d say. You know what your doing in the game. If you want to turn off other settings and just cruise around doing what you want, you can do so. If you want to treat it like a real hardcore driving simulator you can. The game is simple easy to pick up and play, you can add some mods (from steam workshop or custom though the custom mods you risk bricking your game) If you want some quiet down time to relax and unwind, this is your game. I would say with what it add’s it has lots of replay value.


It’s a great little game. You can’t expect so much out of it you appreciate the work that’s being put into it. You can do what you like adding mods from steam workshop or your own custom mods to your own risk. (just turn off updates if you do that) Live and feel the world driving around in different trucks working. Soak in the scenery driving from state to state. The game is constantly working on DLC and updates, it’s expanding and through reading seems like one day it will cover all of the USA along with some of Canada and into Mexico. Controls are great calibrate them to your pleasing. You can make the game as realistic or as much fantasy as you wish. Progressing in the game is good simple and easy. Great game to chill and relax


4/5 trucking along solid!



At Summers End!

Summer has come and gone. Although we will officially roll out of summer in mid September, it feels like we already give it a closing once the next month rolls around. Guess you can just say summer lingers on.

This time last year I remember I was in a different state of mind. Anxious for life changes that were coming around. I was also doing some work on other projects. Though they fell through. It was hockey work that I was trying to do with friends but the support I had was non-existent and it really wasn’t worth putting time into anymore. I won’t lie it was real frustrating as I’ve supported those others (there were some supporters) but some who you expect that didn’t it showed me a different side of that circle of friends. Least to say lesson learned. Anyways i’m glad now I have learned from my previous actions and now have done what contemplates in a more positive lifestyle for me.

Summer for me was interesting. I’ve been very busy, therefore it’s blown by real fast. I was able to escape down to Las Vegas for a weekend though. While that itself turned into an adventure, it was great to go back. I hadn’t been there in 8 years and it’s amazing how it’s changed. It’s a beautiful city it makes you forget about a lot of realities and lets you soak in a great atmosphere. The adventure began on the flight home. Our first flight was canceled. Never being in this situation before it wasn’t as stressful as you’d think. You tell me this, your flight is canceled for your safety why would you get mad? I took it as a life experience. I mean not ideal it’s canceled but it was something I couldn’t control. I was stranded in the most beautiful city. We were lucky to get a flight out that night. Humbled for the life experience. Things like that you learn to control what benefit do I get being mad or stressed over it? I get nothing just an unnecessary energy I’ve added.

I’ve stood back also and came to a greater realization of some things also. My original twitter account. Sadly I’ve noticed nobody has really noticed I’ve gone. It’s interesting because of things you do for others and when your presence is gone seems like nobody cares? Granted of course a couple, yes honestly only a couple of people have reached out and put that out of many others you thought you were close with. It’s staggering but you realize where that friendship stands. Shout out to my buddy Dan (Roaming Dan) for checking in on me! The YouTube side, yes I’ve changed again but realizing I needed to for privacy reasons. Honestly I don’t have much of an audience left. Which I am totally fine with. I’ve always been about making connections and interacting with friends. Those who decide they are now “too big” for those who gave them their time, well they’ve weeded them self out.  I’ve turned to the twitch streaming side we will see how that will go. Again shout out to Dan for sticking there with me and helping me on a test stream! Yes Steve you also thank you man and for supporting my blogs!

My last post (Gaming is my safe zone) I talked about realizing what I love most in life. (well one of the things I love most) it’s something I need to realize more something I could sink more downtime into again. I’m looking to recruit for a game also actually anyone out there play GTA Online? let me know! Right now I’m looking at getting Dragon Quest 11 on switch. It looks fantastic! I will be committing some time into that. I need to finish up some other games also. It just makes me feel good reigniting whats been lost inside me for so long.

Welcome September!

~Gamer Jeff

Gaming is my safe zone

Lets get personal today. Something I’ve wanted to share for a little bit. The past couple of years have been a real struggle for me, Health and mentally wise. It’s taken me a real long while to where I have gotten to, just to be able to have my mind clear really. I will dive in more (as I believe I have covered a little something like this in a previous post: Surrounded by a fake support of an FB Group) Today’s topic is why gaming is my safe zone.

As a kid gaming has let me escape the realities of life. I’m playing a game where I’m in a medieval like magical kingdom, i’m in a stock car competing in a weekly racing event, I’m secret agent James Bond on a mission, there are just so many possibilities that you can immerse yourself into the game. What else matters? Your zoned in your in a happy place. (unless you rage) Little did I know when I was a kid how I would be zoned into this to help me through a day or an odd time.

I wonder when I must have forgotten all this? Maybe in my early teen years. I can tell you though once ps3 and xbox 360 hit I was not on board at all (funny eh) I guess I didn’t realize at the time because we were moving way too fast with technology. My main was Mario, Zelda, Castlevania games. A few Castlevania games came out on various different platforms (mostly handheld in the early 2000’s) we did get 2 PS2 games which I say are very underrated. We had 2 zelda games where just like the N64 seemed like it filled the quota of what we were getting out of zelda games. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were real great games. Mario on the other hand had a bit of a lesser presence. Guess you could really take that back to the SNES almost NES glory days though. Mario Sunshine was a great game as much as it’s last, Mario 64. There in between there were many games on the N64 and PS1 that held us down. I think by then we were ready for the PS2 and Gamecube, The N64 and PS1 ran a long life getting the most out of it. I don’t even think the Gamecube ran its full life course.

Picking and choosing which fantasy to indulge myself and where to escape was challenging at times. The game still needed to have my attention and focus, along with my entertainment value for that time. Then when all those are checked off I could sink myself into a world. The years 1995-2006 where my big prime gaming years. Simpler times really. After 2006 is where maybe I did’t play as much games since school and life, You can see where some things drop off for me. Gaming was still a common thing for me but it wasn’t until later where the 360 and ps3 didn’t catch on to me. The biggest game then where I sunk some hours (skipped school) was in Oblivion. One of the most gorgeous games I’ve ever played. It was this time too my online gaming was starting (Guild Wars was a great game) Wolfenstein Enemy Territory was a great game I’ve played with my friends. I still play it to this day in fact.

It’s now that I’m older I realize where my safe zone is. It’s in gaming, the years I’ve played games as a kid. I had just simply forgotten where to go to escape the realities of the world. Unload some stress (although I’ve learned that “stress” is something that we allow or let us take upon ourselves) Sometimes in life we need to know how to step back and focus on the more simpler times that enable a safe zone for us. The safe zone meaning a more calmer relaxing place for us. Try it sometime see how well it clears things up for you.

Before I conclude. It’s been an interesting summer, I’ve been busy and it’s flown by. I’ve learned some more valuable things in life, I even was able to take a trip away to Vegas for a bit. September is rolling around and it won’t be long until we get into December and wonder where the year has gone. I’ve faced some challenges and overcame a lot of heartbreak this year. Focus on whats best and most important to you in life. It might go by faster than you think.

~Gamer Jeff

Almost at years end!

It has been quite a while since I last posted. It’s great coming online though and seeing comments from others, whether it be introducing themselves or just liking and commenting on the posts. It makes me feel happy.

If those who don’t know, i’m currently engaged in school. I’m becoming a teaching assistant. It’s taken up so much of my time. It’s a great fun course though I’ve learned so much and it’s bringing me to my dream job of teaching and helping students.

Couple things I’ve wanted to mention. I’ve had a big change in heart on some times. I was an active user on twitter. While I am still in a sense on it, my activity has been despondent. Some of my friends have left and those who I’ve helped with the shout outs and all that have quietly disappeared. That’s more or less because they no longer had use for me but that’s on them. I have echoed so much to never forget those who have helped you along the way, or have given you that loyalty of friendship. That may be all that you have left after it’s all said and done from whatever online sense it may be.

So the gaming side, Well it hasn’t been as much. I have dived into a game called “Kingdom Come Deliverance” on Xbox one. It’s a historically accurate game, story is fantastic also. It has a lot of mechanics in like for example timed events, some folks in the game are not waiting for you! Just add’s to how you play the game it’s quite fun, though it is also hard too. I recently rekindled a love for Minecraft. I restored my old save file from 2015. So much work has been done in the world it’s incredible how after all the years it’s still up and running. Other than that I’m waiting a bit, I believe I’ll be diving more into my switch again soon with some Octopath Traveler.

Since summer has come I have been enjoying the outdoor scenery more. I’ve started doing hikes by me. The last one I did I walked around a big lake, it was about a 10km hike (6 miles) it’s great and it promotes a healthier lifestyle. I plan to start doing more also to promote a better and healthier environment around me. This is doing some more planting, specifically herbs. Composting is another one of my main things i’m doing also. To me also it’s just some good humble downtime.

Other than that August, I can’t believe how fast this year is blowing by it’s just incredible. It’s also a reminder too that we need to do things that make us happy and help keep and maintain a great positive lifestyle. Life around you is so important, don’t take granted for what you have. I really hope my fellow readers are well, I do still read a lot of your posts! You all do great work and it’s enjoyable to see. Hopefully won’t be too long until my next post!


Bugged Up?

This is something I talk about regularly, It does bother me also as the fact we the consumer spend a lot of money on and in return are getting back a product that doesn’t live up to that bill, (granted there can also be other reasons for this, We are sticking to something specific right now) I can’t wrap my head around it. Lets talk about this!

Back in the day….so 1980’s to about I’ll say the later 2000’s when buying a video game, The game was usually finished, completed, and worked about how you expected it to work. I feel since the PS3 and Xbox 360 era rolled in that this is where it starts to fall off. It’s at this point where with the access of updating games with patches and all that. In our day before these consoles we couldn’t really do this, The game would come as is. Granted again sometimes the game wasn’t as good or maybe had some minor bugs glitches in the game but it didn’t hurt the overall experience in most cases.

So whats with all this bugged up stuff? I feel in ways since the era we went into of PS3/360 that an element of ease came into effect. Some may call it lazy which could be a factor, Though I’ll attribute that to the higher up’s in the company and not those working hard developing. The faster you can get a product out, The faster you can earn a profit back. This seems to be some ideology behind that now. The thing is now nothing needs to be 100% completed it can just easily be patched up later on in a huge update. So your stuck with that if your game gets bugged up.

So now tell me, How is that fair or justified? As you all know we go by Canadian dollars here. A new game these days after tax and all we are looking at a $90+ figure here. Though we expect a complete product. Weigh in these factors, You buy game, install game, update and patch game on the FIRST day it comes out, Adjust if necessary the space for hard drive on your system of choice. Lets switch gears for a quick minute here, 1998, Buy game, put game in system, play without waiting for update or patch. In some ways you’d think this would be the other way around going on the basis of technology but we aren’t. I just think it’s gotten to a point now where it’s too ridiculous. An over hyped game you spend your hard earned dollars on yet you have to deal with all these broken glitches and bugs that you are forced to wait and even then hope they patch so it makes the game playable again.

It’s what we do as a consumer. So what should we do? We need to send a message that this shouldn’t be allowed or become an industry standard. You do it where it hurts the most, Their pockets. If we all stopped purchasing the games day of launch that sends a strong message. A dip in overall sales could make a difference also. Voicing our concerns respectably reaching out to them is something we can also do. If we just let it stand then these practices may continue and the gaming world may be changed forever!


Yes! I am still around

Well my goodness me where ha the time gone? Since my last post which ironically was also an update post lets have another one shall we?

It’s honestly just that simple, Life on my end has gotten way too busy and my priorities changed. I also have been humbled to start a new chapter also in my life. More details to come on that soon. Time has just been going by so fast. I have still been active with YouTube but that has also taken a drastic change. The site and laws on copyrighting are changing, I respect and understand the situation. It has changed my content up so in a way I am adapting. Though however I am changing the name and brand of the channel. All I want from YouTube is interaction from friends really, To be able to connect to those out there about the same passion and ideas we all share. I am not looking to have it become a form of where it is a job and relying on it for a source of income.

So you may be wondering what will happen to this blog? In the coming weeks I also will be changing the name of this blog and making it more of a personal reflection also. I will still have the focus to gaming though! As with life itself you adapt and respond to changes in your life as reflection of an outlook upon yourself. Just like with YouTube I aspire my blog writing to reach out and connect with friends whom I love to share my passion and life of gaming experiences with.

I’ll be ironing out the details soon. I will say that from January on I’ve finally begun more of a staying true and helping myself more. It feels so good, I will definitely be talking about this more in a huge post one day, I feel as it will help someone out. It was a journey mentally for me. So anyways thanks again I hope everyone is well and in good health. I’m looking forward for whats to come!